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PRE-ORDER Bonne Maman - Advent Calendar 2021
PRE-ORDER Bonne Maman - Advent Calendar 2021
PRE-ORDER Bonne Maman - Advent Calendar 2021

La Baguette by R&M

PRE-ORDER Bonne Maman - Advent Calendar 2021

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Bonne Maman’s calendar is full of its signature jams, easily spotted by their red and white lids. Each day leading up to December 25th reveals a new miniature jar, including both new and returning favorite flavors, think of it as a fun breakfast roulette, where each morning brings about a new spread for your bread.

Featuring 23 exclusive holiday flavors and 1 surprise! With a new exterior and interior design, check out all of the flavors you can expect below:

Apricot and Mango

Apricot with Bergamot

Apricot with Lavender

Cherry with Elderflower

Cherry with Hibiscus Flower*

Cherry with Spice

Fig with Cardamom

Lemon and Yuzu


Mango, Peach and Lime

Orange with Cinnamon

Peach with Jasmine*

Peach with Mint*

Plum and Pear with Star Anise*

Raspberry with Chamomile*

Raspberry with Rose*

Rhubarb and Strawberry

Seedless Raspberry

Strawberry with Linden Flower*

Strawberry with Verbena

Sweet Orange and Passion Fruit

White Nectarine and Peach with Lemon Verbena*

Wild Blueberry with Lemon Balm*